Preform contracted for Falklands project

In 2007, Preform Insulations were contracted in to help with a project based at Port Stanley in the Falklands Islands. The government there had carried out a report to investigate if the heat from the local power station could be recovered and used for the hospital and school.

The power station’s exhaust gases which are normally between 360C – 380C were just being sent into the atmosphere.

Preform Insulations were contracted onto the project by main contractor Stewart Thermal, who they had worked with before and who knew they could rely on them to do the job correctly.

Preform Insulations completed the insulation of the new plant and it’s cladding. Details:

Now the exhaust gases are being used as recycled heat for the school and hospital. This is good news for the island’s environment as 900 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year will be saved.

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