Thermal Insulation

Preform Insulation installs thermal insulation in a wide range of heating and ventilation systems within industrial and commercial sites, from air conditioning systems through to heating ductwork. We can insulate both internal and external pipework and ducting systems.

The thermal insulation materials we use include fibre glass, Rockwool, calcium silicate, phenolic foam and foam glass.

We are experienced in insulating high and low temperature pipework within a range of different commercial and industrial locations. We can provide effective insulation and advice on customers’ requirements from -40°C (refrigeration) to 800°C (turbines).

We will generally insulate and finish pipework systems, including valves and flanges, in accordance with our clients’ requirements. However, with our experience and knowledge of thermal insulation products we are able to provide advice and best practice to ensure our clients get an end result that both meets their insulation requirements but also provides a cost effective solution that won’t require more than standard maintenance.

Where the pipework systems are subject to extreme temperature change, we can provide electrical trace heating systems before fitting the insulation to ensure that the relevant services are maintained and operational regardless of ambient temperature extremes.