Thermal Insulation Jackets

Thermal insulation jackets can be used on all kinds of equipment, such as, valves, pumps, gauges, man-ways and heat-exchangers etc. They are the most effective on equipment that needs regular maintenance, as it can be removed and re-installed quickly and easily without the need to call in a specialist to replace the damaged traditional insulation boxes.

A typical un-insulated 3” class 300 valve can cost you up to £190.00 per annum in lost energy. Insulation jackets can drastically reduce this loss thereby increasing your profitability, the cost of the jacket being recouped in the first 6 to 8 weeks after insulation.

Jackets are constructed from high quality materials with a “Class O” rating in accordance with British standards 

  • Temperature range –65° to 250°C

  • Double sided Grey Silicone coated Glass Cloth

  • Nomex thread

  • Kevlar Tie cords

  • Hook and loop fasteners High temperature nylon

  • Matting is 1” thickness of ‘E’ Glass needle felt

  • To achieve higher temperature ratings alternative materials can be used

  • Glass fiber sewing thread

  • Glass fiber sewing thread reinforced with SS

  • Silica cloth for liners of jackets

  • Nomex Hook and loop fasteners

  • Nomex and SS Hook and loop fasteners

  • E Glass tie cords

And to suit chemically aggressive locations alternative coatings can be used such as Teflon, neoprene, or Urethane.

John Lynch is a well trained and highly experienced Mat manufacturer who would be happy to quote for any Jackets needed and can also give you a estimated cost and energy saving by having these jackets in place. 

For direct contact  please email him any enquirers to 

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